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Selected artistic work of Soile Mäkelä as an actor and director.
Click the pictures for more information. 

Soile Mäkelä's solo performance about fear of death.

Finnish opening 2017 at Stoa.

English version under construction 2019

Clown solo



Educational production in Metropolia, University of Applied Science in Helsinki in 2014

Performance for masks and

symphony orchestra


Femme Fatale_Photo Mari Hokkanen.jpeg

Five clowns and a musician trying to solve the eternal mystery of love.

Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2013

Clown show

Femme Fatale 

& The General Theory of Love 


A Clown show for young audience.

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth 2012

Clown show

The Ugly Duckling

A speechless performance about memory of the woman's body

Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2011

Mask theatre 

The Sauna

Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2009

Mask and object theatre 

Pirandello Project
-on the edge of silence
Kalevala dell'Arte.jpeg

Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2007

Commedia dell'Arte

Kalevala dell'Arte

Teatteri Metamorfoosi_Lost Persons Area_

Teatteri Metamorfoosi 2006

Mask theatre

Lost Persons Area