Clown solo

A clown solo of Soile Mäkelä is dealing with the fear of death.


The clown Halla Kalma is at the first time in her life in the situation that she must stand face to face with mortality.

"When You are gone, who do I become?

  When I am gone, who was I ?"


The show can be seen as a closure for the grieving period, completely ridiculous performance, reaching towards acceptance of the dark colours in life.

The first version of the show Halla Kalma -Ajasta Iäisyyteen, was in Finnish and it premiered in 2017 in Helsinki in The Clown Weekend of Teatteri Metamorfoosi at Stoa cultural center.

Soile Mäkelä will work on the second version of the show in 2019 and that will be in English.