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-performance for masks and symphony orchestra




The marriage of young Blondelaine and old Leilon is in danger when incredible violinist Scaramouche arrives in town. His music is so passionate that it literally drives Blondelaine mad. 


Jean Sibelius' and Poul Knudsen's tragic pantomime Scaramouche was presented by Metropolia University of Applied Science's Performing Arts Department and Music Department in Helsinki 2014.

The opus of Sibelius was composed custom made for the libretto of Poul Knudsen in 1913. The first public performance was in 1922. Scaramouche (Op 71) is one of the rare through-composed pieces that Sibelius made. 

In the original libretto of Knudsen, there were also spoken words, but the director Soile Mäkelä thought that the music of Sibelius did not need any words, so she took the liberty to make the whole story without any words and to trust the power of the expression of the masked characters. 

Scaramouche had 600 spectateurs in four shows.


See the link to Metropolia's Finnish page



Original libretto: Paul Knudsen

Music: Jean Sibelius

Direction and scenario: Soile Mäkelä

Director of the music: Pekka Helasvuo

Mask actors:  Metropolia University of Applied Science/ Performing Arts Department

Orchestra:  Metropolia/ Music Department 

Costume design: Hanna Hakkarainen

Light design: Tuukka Törneblom

Masks: Designed by Antero Poppius, made by Teatteri Metamorfoosi, Johanna Kultala

Production; Metropolia/ Pirjo Aittomäki and Lotta Nevalainen-Tomasek



Helsingin Sanomat      Hufvudstadsbladet


Photo Okko Oinonen

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