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A wordless story of a woman’s body set in the mythical realm of the Finnish sauna. 

In Finnish tradition, the sauna is a solemn place; a scene of cleansing, contemplation, birth and death. According to myth every sauna had its own spirit, whom visitors should care for and respect. 

The Sauna is a story of an old woman whose intention to die is distracted by an irritating sauna spirit. This mythical creature evokes her physical memories and takes her through the chapters of her womanhood as she considers the end of her life. The Sauna is a speechless mask and object theatre performance accompanied with live sound effects and original music.


DURATION: 40 min




Direction and scenario: Soile Mäkelä

Performers: Johanna Kultala and Iika Hartikainen

Foley Artist: Riina Tikkanen

Composer: Maija Ruuskanen

Mask making: Johanna Kultala, Soile Mäkelä and Elina Sarno with Etienne Champion

Puppet construction: Johanna Kultala and Elina Sarno

Scenography: Johanna Latvala

Light Design: Meri Ekola

Light technician / Technical producer: Anssi Ruotanen

Costumes: Emmi Vainio

Acting workshop: Mario Gonzalez (FRA)

Mask making workshop: Etienne Champion (FRA)

Video and trailer: Jari Järvi

Photos: Soile Mäkelä

Production: Teatteri Metamorfoosi 



August 27th 2011

Stage- Helsinki Theatre Festival, Korjaamo



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