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Soile Mäkelä has a Master of Arts degree in theatre pedagogy (2008) and she has taught physical theatre over 20 years as a freelancer in various theatre groups and institutes. 


In addition to Finnish, Soile can teach in English, French and in Italian.

Currently she works part time in Teatteri Metamorfoosi as a teacher and responsible of department of education. She also works part time at Turku Arts Academy, Circus department.


Soile approaches theatre teaching from the physical point of view;  that means she pays great attention to the movement qualities, body structures and use of the space in her pedagogy. 

Her classes are not targeted only for physical theatre practitioners,

but for all performers, directors and teachers in the wide field of Performing Arts (theatre, circus, puppetry...) 


Soile is passionate about different theatre masks and she uses them in her teaching. Masks can be used purely pedagogically, as tools for learning or if there is enough time they can propose different theatre styles. 

Depending of the workshop, Soile pulls out of her suitcase various masks: 

neutral, larval, expressive, commedia dell'arte, body masks and the smallest mask in the world...the red nose.

What would You like to discover?


Let's plan the perfect workshop for your group, company or institute! 

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